What makes a good tech PR consultant?

New website, new blog. I’ll start with a post on what makes a good technology PR consultant. After all, if you are a business looking to get great media coverage, you will want to know about the professionals that can make it happen.

The first clue is in the job title. Sounds obvious, but the person will be an expert at consulting on how best to achieve the client’s end goal. This means recommending what strategies to take – and which ones not to take even if the client thinks otherwise. A good consultant will first try to understand the business and its target market.

While the chosen strategies will depend on the client’s needs and desires, there are core qualities that every tech PR consultant should possess. They are:

  • Communication skills – being able to interact with clients, journalists and other key stakeholders (and do it well on the phone, in person, on email and via social media).
  • Can-do attitude – showing clients a willingness to be flexible and having the ability to effectively manage a busy workload and prioritise projects.
  • Writing skills – being able to write engaging and newsworthy content, whether that’s a press release, thought leadership article or blog post.
  • Industry know-how – having a solid understanding of the tech industry and media as well as knowing what journalists look for in a story (and what they don’t).
  • Social media prowess – demonstrating to clients the small steps that can increase the visibility and share-ability of written content on the web.
  • Baking skills – OK, this isn’t a compulsory quality but bringing cake to a client meeting can only help 🙂